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Fifth [24 Jan 2006|07:07pm]

Presea sat cross-legged on the balcony of her small apartment. A bowl of still-warm ramen rested at her feet, half-eaten. She was glad that she remembered the few cooking lessons her daddy had given her, since the nights were chilly and hot food was preferrable to the stale rolls she had gotten earlier.

Her new axe leaned in the corner; it would serve its purpose well. She frowned slightly at the increased pain her exsphere was causing, but it was probably just adjusting to the higher mana level. At least, she hoped it was. If not, she should have it checked. But who would do that now? Rodyle was gone.

She put these thoughts aside, though, as she ate the rest of her ramen and then went inside, bedding down for the night. Tomorrow, she could figure this out.
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[02 Jan 2006|11:00pm]

Shadow was back in his cell, victorius. He was irritated that he'd had to give up his sword again, but it beat becoming a pincushion any day.

And now, Shadow lay back, thinking of all the exploits he and Volt had shared, particularly those with blood letting, and the times before that, with a bit less bloodletting, but some... enough.


"Read all about it, read all about it!" Called a paper boy, old for the profession but you worked where you could. The paper itself was of poor quality as only seventeen year olds had made it, but it had been made nonetheless, with all the things important to seventeen year olds, like the fighter who had killed his opponents in the arena in record time.
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2 [01 Jan 2006|01:57pm]

[ mood | awake ]

It had taken more walking than she would have liked, but it looked like they were finally getting to the town. For one she hadn't known about before, Celsius was noticing a lot of human mana. There was one that stuck out at her, though.

You didn't find mana like Volt's all that often. More like never.

"C'mon people. Almost there."

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[28 Dec 2005|02:11am]

[ mood | content ]

Kratos, Anna, Raine, and Luna had left Asgard some time ago and had been travelling steadily ever since. They had been moving at a good speed, but it looked as though they weren't going to make it to...wherever they were going before dark. Already, the sun was getting quite close to the horizon. It seemed like they were going to be camping out.

Kratos didn't mind. He liked sleeping out under the stars--provided there were stars and it wasn't pouring rain. But it looked like it was going to be a nice night, if cool. He frowned. He only had enough blankets for himself. He hoped the others had some, because it'd be a very chilly night indeed if he had to share.

Glancing again at the lowering sun, he tapped Raine on the shoulder.

"Shouldn't we be looking for a place to stop for the night?" he asked.

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1 [22 Dec 2005|09:57pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Alicia could tell quite easily that there was something wrong with Regal. He seemed... well, not like himself. Almost younger, which was possibly the oddest notion to ever enter her brain. The pair walked into Altamira as they had done countless times before, and found the city as they had never seen it.

Had it grown overnight? There was no way the city could suddenly get that big without her noticing. And the people... They all looked--

No. No way. That was just too--

Holy Martel, why were there women in rabbit suits?!

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001; [21 Dec 2005|11:57pm]

[ mood | enraged ]

He had wandered long.

He had woken up alone on a desolate comet, but had found a way back down to the earth. Confused he was, and somewhat weary. Yet the world was not as he left it.

Mithos knew he was seventeen, even if his body was otherwise. His companions were gone, and the world was brimming with some chaos that he hadn't caused, and the summon spirits were missing, for he was unable to call upon any of them.

Still there was one question foremost in his mind. The location of his sister. She was not where she should have been; yet she had died, and he had not yet figured out a way to restore her body and soul. But his plans must have gone awry in some way; who could have betrayed him, the Hero Mithos?

But he passed from where the Tower of Salvation once stood, and strove around the cities in the area, vastly irritated. He would find his sister, and Yuan, and Kratos, and figure out what the hell had happened to his well laid plans.

He headed southwest.

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001; [19 Dec 2005|12:48pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Smoke, coffee and fresh air did little to clear up the situation. If this were a dream, it certainly was a humorless one; there seemed to be very little point to whatever was going on. The only thing that she was certain about was her age, and yet everyone seemed to be that age. Quite disturbing, to say the least. Even her newfound companion seemed to be of the same age, though their dates were rather off by way of months. It was rather obnoxiously chilly out, yet hopefully being outdoors would help better.

Those warm toasted bagels had tasted good, even if they had to make them for themselves in the cafeteria. Everyone seemed to be fending for themselves; Pronyma could have sworn she saw some kid trying to dig food out of a garbage can at one point, though no one could be that desperate.

"Think we'll wake up any time soon?" She remarked idly to Seles as she leaned back against the building, her eyes idly surveying the grounds once more. It definitely was Sybak; there was no mistaking that.

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[19 Dec 2005|01:18pm]

[ mood | irate ]

Shadow entered Meltokio, he had seen it a while ago, and assuming that if he was closer to civilisation, the easier it would be to meet up again with Volt, he had headed for it. Since he usually didn't pay attention to what people were saying, he hadn't noticed that the odd travelers he met spoke a different language. And on entering the city, he didn't notice for all the noise, even though it was getting quite late.

Shadow entered a rather inviting looking Inn, went to up to the barkeeper, simply saying, 'Room.'

The barkeeper thought he hadn't heard the man correctly, because the word was indecipherable, at least to him. After the man repeated the word however, the barkeeper was sure he had spoken in another language. A few teens, hearing this too, went up to Shadow, patting him on the back, ordering a drink for him, and being generally friendly.

Being naturally suspicious, and violent, and bloodthirsty, Shadow's hand dropped to his sword. This caused a few of the other teens in the bar to move away from him imperceptibly... or perceptibly, including some of the teenagers who'd welcomed him. This, however, was enough provocation that one of the teens, one right behind Shadow. Shadow slumped to the floor as the cudgel hit him in the back of the head. It soon degenerated into a barroom nrawl, whilst the young man who had hit Shadow, made away with his body.


Shadow woke up in a dank cell. Shadow relaxed in the quiet, he enjoyed it, but he also had no idea why he was here, and was ready to kill the next person who entered his cell. Shadow was also annoyed that his fine bastard sword had been taken from him. And then, a door, or rather a wall of the cell was removed, showing a vast arena, and in the middle, Shadow's sword. Shadow didn't wait a second to run out and grab it.

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[19 Dec 2005|02:42am]

[ mood | worried ]

Undine trudged along behind Celsius, making certain to give Volt a wide berth. This was the oddest birthday she had ever had. ...But was it really her birthday? After all, Celsius and Volt presumably thought the same thing. Celsius' size if nothing else proved this wasn't some strange joke on her, Undine's, birthday. Were her parents seventeen, too? It was an odd thought.

Looking up, she realised Celsius had stopped. For a moment, she couldn't understand why, but then looking farther ahead, she saw the ocean, wide, blue, and completely cutting off their route.

Undine had only one thing to say to that. "Oh dear."

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Fourth [18 Dec 2005|09:36am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Presea stumbled into Sybak breathless. There were monsters out there that she had never seen before, and they were all much more powerful, probably due to the higher mana level. That was another odd thing about this. Her exsphere thrummed happily at the hightened levels. However, it still seemed to want to pull itself from her neck; a quite uncomfortable feeling indeed.

She looked at the town square; maybe she could find an inn. She fingered the coins that Rodyle had given her only days ago. He had said to use them to sustain herself. As she wandered up to the door of the old inn, she was seconds away from turning the doorknob when she realized that it was no longer an inn.

A brightly lit sign informed her that it was not the type of establisment she would find anything of use in.

"This should not be here" she said softly to nobody.

As she continued to wander down the streets, her mind began to work out that this was not the Sybak that she remembered.

Her brow creased slightly. The best course of action in this situation would seem to be to seek out someone that knew what was going on and hopefully, the location of an inn.

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Third [16 Dec 2005|10:57am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Presea wandered about the forest, heading in the general direction that she knew led out, despite how much things seemed to have aged. ((OOC: *headdesk* it would have changed anyway... Plus, it's not sentient.)) In many places, the path had altogether vanished, and she was forced to cut through the undergrowth. She was now sure that her daddy was not here, but perhaps someone in Sybak had seen him.

Things were so different, and her mind was fighting to comprehend things. All of the villagers of Ozette seemed to have left and been replaced by teenagers.

She continued on, he mind trying to process all of the information. She looked through her pack wondering if she had any aspirin. This pain was getting agitating.

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1 [16 Dec 2005|12:38pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Get a job.

Get that job done.

Stay out of the way.

Get another one.

Those were the rules of Botta's life that had him trekking over to Sybak with a package for one... (Botta checked the label and slowly puzzled the name out once more.) For one Ruppet Gatt.

Of course, when the world suddenly goes from summer to winter, it gets a man to wonder about other things than just where his next meal's coming from. With luck, he'd be able to find out both in Sybak.

He entered the town, small package in one hand, pulling his cap down around his ears with the other. If nothing else, the weather would lead to less questions about that hat.

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[16 Dec 2005|04:11pm]

[ mood | somewhat worried ]

This bridge, whatever it was, was a very long one. One could almost say tediously long, were one not accompanied by a delightful companion. And while Yuan was enjoying Martel's company, he still was faintly worried about the fact that no one seemed to understand either of them. Seeing all those teenagers wasn't precisely setting him at ease, either.

Regardless, he kept a good face on things, not wanting to be seen at anything less than completely in control of the situation.

"I do believe I see a city," Yuan said to his companion, spotting one at the end of the bridge. Finally. "Shall we see if we have any better luck there, Miss Martel?"

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[15 Dec 2005|04:32pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Regal grumbled as he woke up and there was harsh sunlight right in his eyes. It helped him wake up, and he did it on purpose, but damn was that annoying first thing in the morning.

After a few moments, he rolled over. Grumbled. Then sat up.

...Oh yeah, today was his 17th birthday, wasn't it? And wasn't it also, consequently, the day he was going to Sybak University? He wondered if anyone would be awaiting him. Ever since his parents passed away a couple of years ago, the maids and servants would throw him a big party.

Well, anyways, it was about time he got up and---

...Whoaaaaa. Did his room get rearranged in the middle of the night...?

Where... Wasn't the dresser supposed to be against the wall at the end of the bed...? Where'd the canopy on the bed go? Why wasn't his closet filled with his clothes? ...New painting...?

He'd have to have a talk with the Head servant before he left to Sybak. This was not funny.

((OOC: I'm so sorry you guys. I completely forgot I signed up here until Rall e-mailed me. ;___;))

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Second [15 Dec 2005|03:46pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Presea continued to wander about the woods surrounding Ozette, looking for her daddy. She knew that something was wrong, but she couldn't pinpoint what. As she got further and further to Ozette, she soon stood at the entrance to Gaoracchia forest.

Daddy wouldn't have gone in there... But, he wasn't anywhere else, so, Presea thought, she'd have to go in.

As she bent the branches back, the forest seemed to swallow her alive, but, undaunted, she continued. She'd been through here many times before. It just seemed... different.

"Daddy?" Her small voice echoed through the forest.

Her neck still hurt.

((OOC: I'm taking it, then, that even the forest will be 17, now? And I am working her towards civilization. ^_^'))

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[15 Dec 2005|02:15pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Sheena groaned and rolled over in bed, opening her eyes. The familiar walls of her home in Mizuho greeted her, and she sat up with a sigh, running one hand through her dark hair.

"Happy 17," she muttered to herself, and got to her feet. She headed out into the town, ready to meet Kuchinawa or Orochi for some training.

They were nowhere in sight. This was... inconvenient. Confused, she headed to the Chief's house.

Her heart nearly stopped when she found his bed empty and the Vice-Chief nowhere in sight.

This was weird. This was weird, and something about it was distinctly not good. She hadn't seen anyone she really knew in the village, and none of the children were around. Only teenagers.

Distinctly ruffled, she decided to head to Meltokio and see what she could find out there. It would be better than nothing.

She packed a few things in a bag, grabbed a few gels just in case, and headed out in that direction.

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[10 Dec 2005|10:17am]

[ mood | confused ]

Oh hell. Was that the ceiling or the floor?


That must've been some stroooooong shit."

Zelos groaned and rubbed his temples.

Yep. Not getting drunk for another week.

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002; [10 Dec 2005|01:17am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

The gate of the city wasn't too far from the stores. Granted it was getting dark already, mostly due to the time of year; and gradually getting cooler, though it was always windy in Asgard, at any rate.

The House of Salvation wouldn't be too far, Raine had finally reasoned, after debating which would be the best course of action in her mind. Perhaps Genis was hiding out there, considering how strange things had gotten in the city. There were far too many things to puzzle over; there would be time later to try to get a better understanding of them.

She shifted the satchel on her shoulder, and glanced towards Luna.

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1 [08 Dec 2005|06:37pm]

[ mood | tired 'n' hungry ]



It was way too early to wake up. It could only be eleven o'clock, at most. Maybe twelve. Either way, he could sleep for at least another hour.


Apparently, further sleep was a lost cause. It's time to face the day, as officially seventeen years of age.

Up we go. Out of the bed. Leaving the room. Going back in the room. Putting on clothes. Leaving again... thought Genis, staying firmly in bed.

"Mrargh," moaned Genis, as he literally rolled out of bed. Sometimes, a good hard smack on the floor will do wonders to wake you up. "Nurgh..." said Genis, standing up and streching. Something seemed fairly odd, but it was too early and too day-after-his-birthday to worry about such things. Genis opted to get dressed very slowly for a change. For his ensemble for the day, he decided to go with some (extremely dusty) clothes of some kind.

"....?" Okay, now he was confused. Something had definitely changed. The mana was all wrong. Everything seemed slightly different from what it should have been, like someone had taken the world and tilted it just slightly on it's side. Everything seemed to have a sort of tension in it, like something was not right in the world.

".....hurmph..." said Genis, deciding that he needed something to eat before he tried any more deep thoughts.

((OOC: Sorry for the wait, I had wanted to get some things cleared up about Genis and I completely forgot about symphonia17info))

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002; [08 Dec 2005|05:31pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

So, Colette had found Lloyd, even though his memory was... well, they would get that fixed later. It was so weird, though, and so wrong. Was something wrong with her memory too? The town really did seem strange, bigger.

And there were still no sign of children playing, or adults talking. Just.. teenagers. It was really starting to feel a little strange.

But, happy, happy, happy! Things would be okay, once she and Lloyd found Genis and the Professor.

"Do you see any sign of them yet, Lloyd?"

Maybe they went out for a walk or something. "Genis should be around here somewhere, at least... I don't think they were planning on going anywhere.."

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